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Qingdao New Arts peanut peeling machine Introduction

Qingdao New Arts Peanut Machinery Co., Ltd. is the earliest development, design, production of peanut machinery and equipment businesses, has been leading the development of peanut machinery industry growth, is one of the leading domestic peanut machinery enterprises, has many years of production experience, first-class unique production equipment, better products, new arts peanut peeling machine is peeling rate, after peeling peanuts not broken, color white, protein invariance. Peeling while picometer automatic separation. In addition, it has a small size, low energy consumption, high efficiency, easy operation.
Peanut peeling machine for peanuts off the red of professional equipment.
    Peanut peeling machine adopts rolling friction differential transmission works, carried out after peeling peanuts roasted in water less than five percent (to avoid burned), then through the sieve, the ventilation system will be sucked leather, so Whole peanuts, half a tablet, broken corner apart, with stable performance, safe, reliable, high productivity, good peeling effect, half a low rate and other advantages.
Peanut peeling machine is widely used in the production of fried peanuts, the taste of peanuts, peanut cake, peanut candy, peanut milk, peanut protein powder and rice pudding, peanut butter and canned products such as pre-stripped skin treatment.